Why Choose Turkett Law Office?

Nothing in your life is more precious than your child, and no goal more important than his or her well-being. When you choose an attorney to help ensure that your child is getting the education to which he or she is entitled, it's not a trivial choice. Here are some of the reasons you can feel confident choosing Turkett Law Office, PLLC:

We've walked in your shoes.

Attorney Steve Turkett is, himself, the parent of a child with special needs. Much of his motivation for selecting his practice areas stems from his own experience with his local school system, trying to get an appropriate education for his child. 

If you're looking for legal help to make sure your child gets the right kind of help and instruction, you know that advocating for your child can feel like climbing a mountain. It's good to have someone who's studied the terrain guiding you along the way; it's even better to have the help of someone who's climbed the mountain himself. Steve Turkett offers you both the knowledge you need and the understanding you deserve.

We have the right skills to get the job done.

Practicing special education law is one part knowing the law and how it applies to a given situation, and one part negotiation and litigation practice. Steve Turkett has extensive experience with both. In his years of practice as a civil trial lawyer, he has handled numerous mediations, arbitrations and jury trials.

Unlike many legal proceedings, special education matters often involve dealing with the same individuals over and over again. Therefore, a "scorched earth" approach to problem-solving is rarely helpful and may impede successful teamwork between parents and professionals. Steve Turkett has the judgment and skills to know when and how to negotiate, and when litigation is necessary to protect your child's rights. He will always try to resolve issues in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible, but your child's well-being is always the paramount consideration. 

Helping families with special needs is all we do. 

When you only do a few things, you become very good at them. At Turkett Law Office, PLLC, helping families whose children have special needs is all we do. Whether offering consultations to parents on the special education process, advocating at ARD meetings, representing families at due process hearings, or estate planning, all of our work is geared to supporting families with special needs. 

Fewer than ten attorneys in the entire state of Texas devote their work exclusively to this practice area. We are proud to be one of the few firms that do, and to have convenient locations available at which to meet with families from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

To learn more about what we do and why we are the right firm for your family's special education and estate planning needs, call Turkett Law Office, PLLC at (817) 769-2750 or e-mail info@turkettlaw.com. We look forward to working with you.

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